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Drain Tile / Drainage

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Property Water Drainge Services

It is important to make sure that your yard is properly drained, as that will ensure that your yard can be use used all summer long. Drain tile is meant to keep excess water out of your yard, and drain it away from your house.

If you have a wet basement, that is often caused by water that has not properly drained away from the house. When water does not drain correctly, it can collect near the foundation of your house, which can eventually leak into your house. If your house has a properly designed and installed drainage system, you can help solve wet basement problems.

GroundsCare Landscapes can help install drain tile around your house. When installing drain tile, a ditch is dug around the house, and a hose that carries the water away is placed into it. The hose is also surrounded by rock to further filter water away from your home, and fabric is used to help prevent dirt from clogging the hose. After the house is buried, grass seed or sod will be put over the top, making your yard look like new.

GroundsCare Landscapes can also help install a rock or mulch garden to further direct water away from your house, while making it look great! Contact us today to help make your poorly draining yard a thing of the past!

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