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Retaining Walls

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Retaining-Walls are a very common element in landscaping. Their most common use is to restrain or make a change in the grade or slope of a piece of land. Today you often also see walls that are free standing. These are used as fences or structure around a patio. A freestanding wall can help add privacy, act as “walls” to help separate areas or even work as an extra seating area.

Retaining walls have been around probably almost as long as man has. The most common material prior to the modern age was stone. Natural stone was used because it was there for the taking. It was used for walls, fences and buildings. Ancient walls are still there because most stone last forever. There are some stones that are softer that eventually decay and fall apart, but only after many, many years.

Today walls are common for both residential and commercial properties to level slopes. Very often, there are grade or level changes throughout a property. Those grade changes either leave slopes that can cause erosion problems, make it difficult to move about a property, or make parts of the property unusable.

The most popular types of walls used today are:

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